124 Genoa Middle School students committed random acts of kindness
Name: Students at Genoa Middle School
124 7th grade students at Genoa Middle School in Westerville have spent the last three weeks committing random acts of kindness! Here is a pooled list of the actions these selfless and caring 7th graders have engaged in, in their own words: - I held the door open for a woman in a wheel chair. - I let someone borrow my supplies. - I helped a person at Kroger put carts away. - I held the door open for my entire class. - I looked for and found my sister's ring she lost. - I helped my teammate by carrying their bag after they got hurt. - I completed chores around my house. - I gave my friend a snack out of my lunch because she didn't have a lot of food. - I gave someone a quarter. - I threw people's trash away at lunch. - I helped my teacher clean desks. - I helped my neighbor with homework. - I helped two new sixth graders find their way to the locker room. - I helped an elderly lady find lemons at Kroger. - I paid for half of a girl's lunch because she didn't have enough money. - I wrote and colored a thank you note to one of my teachers. - I let new kids sit with me at lunch. - I picked up the garbage man's hat when it fell. - I helped someone think of ideas for a project. - I gave someone a copy of my notes when they were absent. This is just a start - we hope to continue volunteering and completing random acts of kindness throughout the year!
We gave food to a homeless couple
Name: Donna Koskela

My son and I went to Subway to get dinner and outside on the sidewalk there was a middle-aged couple sitting there with an old grocery cart filled with empty water jugs and a cane. They said hi as we walked by and after I came out I asked them if they were hungry and they said yes. So since her partner was hurting she came inside with me. I told her order what you want. All I saw when I looked at them was a homeless couple (which I later found out from her that they were living in a tent) who were hot, tired and just plain hungry and no one should go hungry....no one.

I volunteered with 120 high school student discussing labor history
Name: Glen Skeen
Hours Volunteered: 8

I had a great time discussing the value of work and the importance of democracy in the workforce.  It was rewarding to discuss what unions do with young folks getting ready to enter college or the workforce.

I love volunteering
Name: Tess Eckstein
Organization: Volunteer Leader Training
Hours Volunteered: 1.5

I have always been inspired to volunteer my time and efforts ever since helping my mom serve food when I was a young child. The opportunity to become a leader myself and encourage others to join me and share in the great difference volunteering makes excites me and makes me eager to get started!

I am a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Name: Melanie Murphy
Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Hours Volunteered: countless

I have been a big sister with BBBS for almost 8 years now and have been matched with the same "little" since she was only 10 years old! The experience of being a BIG has changed my life. I joined thinking I had so much to offer and teach her, little did I know how much she would end up teaching me.

I volunteered at Lutheran Social Services food pantry
Name: Jan Ferrel
Organization: Lutheran Social Services food pantry
Hours Volunteered: 5

During my time at the Lutheran food pantry on Wilson Rd. I was struck by what an enormous amount of coordination, communication and commitment is required from the people of Columbus to meet the community's needs in meaningful ways. 56 families received food yesterday in the 5 hour period I was there as a volunteer. That was one day. And, as I think about that one day multiplied by weeks and months and even years, I am so thankful for this Lutheran organization, the mid-ohio food bank, the grocery stores, the gentleman who donates a full cart of food anonymously every week, families sending even a single can of peas, the staff keeping the process simple and efficient for families in need -  what wonderful work they do! It was a privledge to serve.

I gave a stranger a ride
Name: Glen Skeen
Organization: CWA 4320

I was leaving my office at CWA 4320 and gave a ride to a man waiting at the bus stop. We had a great conversation the whole way to where he was going.

Nancy Frank was a dedicated volunteer to Alvis House
Name: Gloria Lannucci
Organization: Alvis House
Hours Volunteered: 500+ per year

Alvis House owes a great debt to Nancy Frank, who volunteered in the agency’s programs for women from 1996 until her sudden passing at age 83 in July 2012. Alvis House provides residential community corrections treatment services to hundreds of women in Central Ohio each year. Over the course of her volunteerism at Alvis House, Nancy easily made a direct, positive impact on more than 5,000 women. Nancy taught arts and crafts, such as quilting, needlework and sewing. She helped women to reflect on how they might bring the pieces of themselves and stitch their goals together to create a new path in their lives, much the same way that quilts are made in patches. Young women with backgrounds as varied as a patchwork quilt came together, shared experiences and learned a safe, sober recreational activity. Nancy also helped the women to take a longer term view of working toward results in their lives. To all of the women at Alvis House, Nancy was a familiar figure in the program. She came in to check how the residents were doing with their projects and often just dropped by one of the programs to talk, and more importantly, to listen to the clients. Nancy believed in the work of Alvis House so much that she also convinced her daughter to volunteer at Alvis House, and her granddaughter to come to work at Alvis House.  Her son also graciously contributed to Alvis House. Because of Nancy’s love for Alvis House, at her funeral on July 30, her family asked that everyone from Alvis House wear their name badges and additional badges were made for everyone in attendance. While we will all miss Nancy very much, we are grateful for the opportunity to have her enrich the lives of so many of our clients and staff.

I read to children at the St. Vincent Family Center
Name: Cindy Rasmussen
Organization: St. Vincent Family Center
Hours Volunteered: 1

I participated in the Columbus Volunteer Challenge by volunteering at St. Vincent Family Center. It was wonderful to learn about this special organization and the important behavioral health prevention, intervention and treatment services they provide to Columbus area children and families. I enjoyed meeting and spending some time with the caring staff who taught me a lot about the critical services provided by this organization. I also had the privilege of reading to some of the kids and participating in other classroom activities. I was inspired by the courage of the children I met, many of whom face tremendous challenges in their lives. Thanks for supporting the Columbus Volunteer Challenge. We can all Live United when we Give, Advocate and Volunteer!

Volunteers work at a homeless shelter twice a month
Name: Duane
Hours Volunteered: 5

He (Duane) and about 5 others go to the homeless shelter the 3rd and 4th Saturday buy and cook breakfast for the women and men living there. Also anyone that needs breakfast can come as  well.

I donated items to the National Kidney Foundation
Name: Theresa Moorman
Organization: National Kidney Foundation

I always thought if I go out and buy something new I should give away something I'm not using.  So I give, give give.... It works!!!

I helped my daughter's friend get her car fixed
Name: Glen Skeen

I am member of CWA 4320 and my daughter has a 19 year-old friend living on her own with little support. Her Car broke down and she needed a new one to go to school and work. I was able to lend her $400 to help get to the purchase price of a reliable car. There are no repayment plans for the near future. Thank God I make Union Wages so that I can contribute to my community.

We are helping distribute toys to children in need
Name: Glen Skeen, Craig Elder, Phil Pennington, Lowell Crabtree, John Vogel, Dan Heller and Karl Kay
Organization: CWA 4320
Hours Volunteered: 2

We are members of CWA 4320 that will be volunteering to help with toy drive distribution.

We reached out to the community
Name: Tom Schneider
Organization: Kaleidoscope Youth Center
Hours Volunteered: 6

I had a wonderful time volunteering with my coworker Karen Gorsky from NBC4 WCMH-TV.  We made many calls to local schools to let them know Kaleidoscope has resources for their LGBT students. Thank you to Kaleidoscope and the United Way for the wonderful opportunity!

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