Connecting with Non-Profit Organizations in Columbus, Ohio

Are you looking for ways to get in touch with non-profit organizations in Columbus, Ohio? Whether you are looking to make a donation, volunteer your time, or report a complaint, there are many options available. The Columbus Foundation is located at 1234 East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. This organization is committed to improving the quality of life for all Central Ohio residents. They provide grants and scholarships to individuals and organizations, as well as a variety of programs and services.

To contact The Columbus Foundation, you can call 614-251-4000 or visit their website at COSI, or the Center for Science and Industry, is a science museum and research center located in Columbus, Ohio. COSI offers educational programs for students of all ages, as well as interactive exhibits and activities. To contact COSI, you can call 614-228-2674 or visit their website at The American Osteopathic Association is the member organization that represents the more than 145,000 physicians and students of osteopathic medicine in the United States. The American Osteopathic Association provides resources and support for its members, as well as advocacy for the profession of osteopathic medicine.

To contact the American Osteopathic Association, you can call 800-621-1773 or visit their website at The American Horticultural Industry Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the business interests of its members. The American Horticultural Industry Association provides resources and support for its members, as well as advocacy for the horticulture industry. To contact the American Horticultural Industry Association, you can call 800-342-3276 or visit their website at Anonymous reports are allowed and can still lead to an investigation; however, including contact information in a complaint helps the resulting investigation. If you would like to report a complaint about a non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio, you can contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office at 800-282-0515 or visit their website at Search by nonprofit name or browse by category to find more than 1,200 organizations in a 10-county area to support.

You can find these organizations on websites such as GiveGab, Charity Navigator, and Greater Giving. These websites provide information about each organization's mission statement, financials, and contact information. Sometimes negotiations with an organization may be necessary to ensure that it adopts appropriate governance and oversight practices. The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) supports and funds artists and arts organizations in Central Ohio. To contact the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC), you can call 614-221-8492 or visit their website at No matter what your reason for contacting non-profit organizations in Columbus, Ohio is, there are many ways to get in touch with them.

From making donations to reporting complaints, there are plenty of options available.

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