Non-Profit Organizations in Columbus, Ohio: Achieving Goals and Making an Impact

When it comes to making a difference in the lives of others, non-profit organizations are a key part of the Columbus, Ohio community. Before starting a charity, it's essential to do some research and develop a plan. With more than 62,000 active organizations in Ohio, it's worth considering if you can achieve your goals by working with an existing organization. A number of key local stakeholders established Homeport, including the City of Columbus, The Enterprise Foundation, Columbus REALTORS, The Columbus Foundation, and local religious and private sector leaders.

To get started, you should check with the Ohio Secretary of State to see what forms may be needed to file on behalf of your organization. You can search by nonprofit name or browse by category to find more than 1,200 organizations in a 10-county area to support. When you create a fund at the Foundation, you can make a donation to any 501 (c) (charitable) non-profit organization anywhere in the world. Creating a non-profit organization comes with many benefits. Most importantly, you'll gain credibility and legitimacy for your cause, instilling public confidence in your organization.

If another organization exists that serves your cause, consider working together as it might be a better way to make an impact in your community and use existing resources. The Columbus Foundation serves nearly 3,000 individuals, families and businesses that have created unique funds and planned donations to make a difference in the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Before creating a new non-profit organization, make sure that you have identified an unmet need in your community and that there is no organization that serves your cause. If your organization can no longer operate or you want to close, see Closing a charity in Ohio for additional information. The Columbus Foundation is committed to strengthening the Central Ohio community by providing services to donors, promoting the impact of non-profit organizations, and acting as leaders and organizers in the community. An organization that no longer files applications in Ohio must complete and submit an application withdrawal form, which the state provides upon request.

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