Who are the Staff Members of the Non-Profit Organization in Columbus, Ohio?

Laddan Shoar is the director of the Central Ohio Leadership Academy (COLA) program for Leadership Columbus. He has extensive experience in both the corporate and non-profit spheres. COLA explores more than 1,200 organizations in a 10-county area. The Columbus Foundation, located at 1234 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205-1453, is dedicated to helping donors and others strengthen and improve our community for the benefit of all its residents.

Their promise is to help you help others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Nicholas Brenner works with partner agencies, local agencies and government entities to help obtain documentation from clients about housing. As a member of the housing team, he provides administrative and administrative support to CSB's rental assistance and unified supportive housing programs. Nicholas comes to CSB from Home for Families, where he was part of rapid rehousing programs as a case manager. He has more than seven years of experience in the human services sector, as well as experience in relationships with owners.

Nicholas earned his degree in health administration from the University of Toledo. Gillian Gunawan manages the annual request for federal funds on behalf of programs for the homeless in Columbus and Franklin Counties and helps oversee how the funds are used. She has experience in non-profit organizations and museums, with more than a decade of experience in visitor experiences and museum strategies for several institutions in Columbus. In 2002, she became executive director of the Ohio League of Women Voters, a statewide voter promotion and education organization. Later, as a community development specialist for Columbus Compact Corporation, Adero worked to improve the quality of life in downtown Columbus neighborhoods through the implementation of high-impact community projects. Before that, he held the position of senior director of operations and led the Van Buren Center, the largest homeless shelter in Columbus and Franklin County.

In her spare time, she enjoys birdwatching in the Columbus Metro Park system and continues to explore everything Columbus has to offer. Travis Theders is responsible for Columbus and Franklin Counties's homeless management information system, Columbus Service Point, to ensure the availability of timely and quality data. He began his career as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Columbus as a tutor and mentor in a fifth grade classroom at Columbus City Schools. Becky has an Associate of Applied Science degree in human services technology from Edison State Community College and a degree in organizational management from Ashford University. He leads the staff of the Leadership Columbus Signature Program, the governance training of the nonprofit board of directors and the Great Leaders workshop series, in addition to providing administrative and programming support to the Leadership Columbus team. She is passionate about organizing diverse community events, raising funds and outreach opportunities, with an emphasis on distributing resources and harnessing networks to serve community members of all ages and backgrounds.

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